Friday, October 12, 2012

Sissy, come home!!!

So this is what I have been thinking about all day. At home and while driving about on errands.

I have 2 sisters. My older will probably never consider moving back to Chicago. Stupid Seattle. However, my younger one is just out of the reach of Chicago. And I believe that it continues to beckon her to return. I shall help that cause with the following top ten list:


10. Clearly the dating pool in Champaign has dried up. whatever there was of one

9. So much closer to fun and cultural events. great concert venues. Wrigley field. the Mag Mile. O'Hare. Shopping!! 

8. Don't your besties live up here? Hello Laura and Jenny. Help me out here.

7.  Family!! Cousins. Sisters.  babies. Bill's fam. kitties. This little one has yet to meet her adopted kitty cousins...

6. Milwaukee and all its breweries and distilleries a short drive away. so many to explore. Where else can you find cornhole games that say "bunghole?"

5. Sister date  nights. Chatty drunk sisters. fun times.  Mmm wine bar.

4.  Food. Hello Oberweis, Portillos, Chicago-style pizza, (your sisters homemade delights)...

3. You can only call people out on cheating at games if you are there. live. or at least its more fun to do so. 

2. The Cubs desperately need a lucky charm

1. This guy:

Enough said???

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