Sunday, October 28, 2012

baby weight, part deaux

I have been so anticipating writing this post.

Since I have decided to publicly acknowledge that I am working on baby weight, a few great things have happened.

1. A friend called me and asked if we could work on this together. Nothing like a little bit of accountability and friendship. Makes everything a little bit more worthwhile. We check in about every week and a half, 2 weeks. If only we lived closer I would love some nice walks/hikes in a forest preserve!

2. its really heightened my connection to the food I am making from scratch. I work hard on it, I know what exactly is going into my body and I am super proud of it. Every single ingredient

3. I am down 10 pounds!

I think the thing that has helped me the most is the idea of small goals. While I tend to be a big idea person, I can get very lost in the details and the how to get to something big. It helps to break it down. So each goal is not necessarily based on a number, but a place, a mental place if that makes sense. For example, goal one was to get into the next decade of numbers below what I was. Which was only like 4 pounds, but 4 pounds feels more reasonable to get to  than like 20. My brain can get lost in the overwhelming idea or number of "20". Then the next goal was to get into my normal happy weight range. that was another 5. and then it was only 1 more until I hit 10 total.

And going on from here I can see its only another 2 pounds till pre-baby and 4 pounds till the next "decade" of numbers.    It'll be a little bit harder after that because its more like another 8 till my wedding weight. But I'm sure I can throw another mini=goal in there.

And this weekend I had a few acknowledgements of my progress. One client and one family member noticed, which feels nice. And certainly helps with motivation.

And I feel really good. Less tired. More energy. More positive. I feel like I get more accomplished when I feel good.

And I feel more ready to start to think about taking on my next big goal. The half. My younger sister and I have committed to run a half marathon together in April (meaning we've paid the entrance fee, and cheapo me won't waste that money). I'm sure I will write more about that eventually. We've given ourselves plenty of time to prepare. But again, it will be small goals. We will also be raising money for a cause (not yet determined), and will probably solicit you. You've been warned.

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