Thursday, October 4, 2012

from scratch

So I found this book on Amazon. For my latest exploits, its the bomb-diggity.

It has every category of things I would like  to figure out how to make. Pastas, breads, preserving fruits and veggies, to many instant/prepackaged kinds of foods like crackers and poptarts, sauces, sweets, etc. So so so many things

I am really liking the challenge of this "make things myself" kick. It feels like a Rage against the Man. Or Rage against processed foods. Whatever we want to call it. It is slowly changing how I see food. significantly. That is another post for another day.

I really just wanted to share some of what I tried most recently:
Hummus with wheat crackers (both homemade)

cheese crackers. (the real cheese is not homemade-although Wisconsin made)

pop tarts


chocolates. truffles and bark- sorry no photo. I forgot to take a picture and they didn't last.

always with the granola

I also have lots of hamburger buns and loaves of bread in the freezer from my last baking kick
right next to Ben's frozen foods

Next things on the list to try in the upcoming weeks:

-roasted tomatoes. possibly to be canned most likely frozen
-another try at the pop tarts with lighter flour
-fish sticks

I have an easy recipe to make sauerkraut. However this requires fermenting. I am really really gun-shy of trying this. Fermenting intimidates me. It could go so horribly wrong.

Similar feelings about cheese. We've got all of the equipment now. Its just a matter of trying it.

Probably the most fun of all of this is sharing it. With Bill. With a few lucky neighborly friends. 

I am seriously considering this to be a theme for the annual "Burris Christmas Spectacular" This year. Why can't everything at my party be from scratch. I even found a place that will do in-home all natural cooking classes that could be fun for the party too. Would that be fun? Of course there would be the gift exchange too.
Maybe. Or an interactive mystery game.


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