Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pork, its whats for dinner

In addition to all of my weird homemade everyday foods, I am also just working on keeping my food/dinners more local, and interesting.

I have been a huge proponent of the farmers market. I'm going to struggle through the winter significantly, however I have 3 things going for me.

1. Grayslake has a Saturday market that goes until December
2. Farmer Nick's winter CSA
3. my hope of ACTUALLY canning stuff next year, now that I find it not so scary.

Saturday I worked on a Pork Roast. In the last few months I started eating pork again, as long as I approve of its beginnings. We did some pretty wicked pork chops the other week. Pan barbecued. so good.

My bff lately has been America's Test Kitchen/Cook's Country. Its a PBS tv show and I love it. They thoroughly test recipes, cooking utensils, ingredients, and tell you what is the best according to their chefs and testers and panel based on tons of trials. (I would love to figure out how to get on THAT panel). I have been using their recipes for everything and have a little subscription to their e-mail/website.

(For the record, any cookbook or supplies by ATK makes an excellent Christmas gift for me this year)

So I figure whatever recipe I use is going to be good. Here is todays recipe: Slow roasted POrk shoulder with peach sauce 

here is how it looked before it goes into the oven...

One problem I still have is lack of supplies and lack of ability to read the recipe before I decide to work on it. That came to a head here as its supposed to go on a "v rack". so the juices drain under it. um, what? So in my McGuyver style back pocket, I found my mixer beaters and a mini cooling rack. that is under my roast. I have a few things to pick up later a Bed Bath and Beyond (who I did notice is carrying a line of made in the USA bakeware)

So it'll be in for 5-6 hours.
Here is the end result.

Add reduced peach sauce over top. Mmmm
served with sides of baked apples and acorn squash.

Did I mention that my brother in law is was for his military drill this weekend. We only serve our military the best here.

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