Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012's goals. How'd we do?

Happy New Year!
And can I say that I thoroughly enjoyed 2012 with all of its glorious fun and challenges.

Per tradition I have been thinking a lot about "resolutions". How I did on mine last year. What ones I want for this year and if there is some kind of theme. I think my next several blog posts will have to do with resolutions and goals.

To start, I do want to look at last years goals. If you'd like a review, here they are: 2012 resolutions.

Here is my summary of what the goals were and how we made out...

1. Learn about parenting: wow. Well, I did manage one more class in 2012, which was infant cpr. And i did a lot of online research. Bill checked out some library books. Some over and over almost the entire year. He read them. I did not. lol. And parenting is really a learning as you go type of experience. There is so much to learn!! I have been lucky to have a few experienced people field my ridiculous questions along the way. Alana, Pat, April...  I still wish I could ask my mom a million questions. Here was Bill's repeated book check out:
Your Baby's Mind (Revised)

2. half marathon/fitness goal: well. lets be honest, I did not run anything clsoe to a half marathon this year. However I did run a 5k on an insanly hot day and finished. I did get back to my pre-baby weight and signed up for a half marathon with my sister for April of this year. We are running for a cause, so pleas feel free to sponsor us!! We are over 1/3 of the way to our fundraising goal!

3. Make more local friends: Well, I've made attempts. Lets say that. I went to this weekly new parents group at the hospital my son was born at, which I enjoyed, but only went a few times and then back to work. I work on the same day this class is. I tried this other group twice, where my son was the youngest, it was a little awkward. First meeting wa good. Second no one spoke to me. I tried. My social awkwardness and anxiety is starting to gain some momentum. I need to work on this. I did however succeed in making good friends with a neighbor down the street. During the nice weather we went for walks several times a week and she is so very good with my son and she is just nice and interesting and positive. So I consider that a win. I also went to a MOPS group at the end of December. I enjoyed it and plan on going back this month.
4. Cut back on spending: a little. I changed some of my habits for sure to more local, small businesses, farmers markets, made in the USA. At one point I didn't even enter Walmart for over a month, and its the closest anything to my house. However I also discovered Amazon (I know, a little late to the game) which proved so very convenient esp with a baby. I did start entering some giveaways with many wins by the end of the year, where I won enough to not have to actually purchase any of my son's Christmas gifts.
5. Finding more peace: I think this will need to be a continued goal for me. I gained some and lost some at the same time. You know that phrase, "having a child is like watching your heart walk around outside of your body" or something like that. Yikes, is that true. For me anyway. I want to protect him from everything, including my own carelesness at times. It can be very anxiety provoking. Social anxiety has increased for some reason. However I also am learning to be more comfortable with myself and my own decision making. I am also learning to not take things as personally. If someone goes a little batty or insults me, I can more easily chalk it up to their own issues and insecurities. Thus decreasing my own anger and baggage and likelyhood of inappropriate or defensive responses. One wish I have for my son is "Peace". I hope to help smooth out the path for him a little.
I am also finding my workouts to be more meditative. This is awesome.
As I look at how I did, some sucesses, some not much. I consider what I want for this year. And yes, we are 3 days in and i have not solidified my goals. Hubby and I were just discussing this the other day. What do we want for ourselves, for our son. How can we possibly make 2013 better than 2012? Or make ourselves better for 2014.
How did you do?

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