Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Goal #2: Health

My second mindfulnes goal is Health.

(this is how I want to feel)

Now, to be honest, I feel I am continually improving in this area.
Some days I feel like I do well here.
And some days I think I have a million miles to go.

Perhaps its the up and down that I need to be mindful of.

I do want to be more fit. I want to be able to continually keep up with my little buddy and maybe someday have us do different kinds of physical activity and sports together. So being fit will help me be a better parent in that respect. I also want to be fit to continue to feel better about myself and improve my "emotional/mental" health. I feel good after a work out.

One fitness goal is to complete a half marathon with my younger sister and I know I have blogged about this a lot lately. The accountability is good for me. Otherwise if no one knows, than it is usually easier for me to quit and fail in silence. I am far too prideful to quit or fail in public. I am not gunning for speed, just to build endurance and be able to complete the task.  April 27th. Look out.

Each week I am looking to build a little bit farther with my distance. To be relaxed and mindful and enjoy my run verses see it as a task. My runs will not be daily, in fact I will be lucky to get 2-3 per week, but when I do, they will be intentional. Enjoyable. thoughtful. This time can be very meditative for me if I let it. And not feel guilty about wherever little buddy is.

Its funny, while looking for a piece of running gear today I had a shop owner ask me if I was a "runner". It was an awkward question for me. I said "I run, but not well"

What is up with that? Why must I qualify it?

There is a thought proces at work here which I will delve into more with goal #5 , but emotioanl health is a huge part of this. My own emotioanl health and how I look at myself and and "health". Being ok with where I am currently at, "it is what it is", acceptance, not guilt, and moving ahead with that securly.

I also want to change this phrase I used to say, "I run so I can eat". It was true for me for sure. Cause this girl LOVES to eat. But can I just run to run. To be healthy. To do something for myself. To strengthen myself and incrase my fitness level.

I also have a tertiatry goal, no,  hope, of returning to my wedding weight.

And in a healthy way this time. I am about 10 pounds away, but am choosing not to obsess, but hope. Go with my myfitnesspal plan which has been working for me to get to pre-baby numbers. When I look at my wedding pictures I love what I looked like physically, but cringe at where I was emotionally. By my cousins wedding in July would be awesome.


Unless of course we somehow are blessed at some point in 2013 to get a head start on a sibling for Little Buddy. Ok with that as well. lol

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