Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To all the clients and therapists before

I would officially like to apologize to my former therapist.
It's been several years. I saw one while in grad school. For 2 reasons. 1 was because you are encouraged to as a counseling student. And of course I want to do what all good little counselors do. And really as a therapist, I should understand what it is to be the client.
2. It was during my moms decline and I was having some serious difficulty with guilt and being overwhelmed and over scheduled

It was so helpful for me and I know I am better now because of her help. Thank you Kathy!

However in the midst of it, I know I was a rough client. I understood the process somewhat and tested her and personally felt ridiculous, like as a counselor in training, I should already know the answers. Knowing the process adds a whole different dynamic to the counseling relationship I was resistant. I had a wall. I made her do a lot of work. I still cane every week . And I wonder if she really knows how great she was. I did though send her thank you notes along the way and have since sent her an update email.

I think about this now, later in my practice. 100 plus clients later. The fun, the difficult, the self-aware and clueless ones along the way. I have learned a good deal from each one. Grown and been stretched.

Where was I along the continuum for her? What, if anything, did she learn from me?

To My former therapist and to all of my past current and future clients :

Thank You

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