Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Bill and I used to put together puzzles during the winter months. When it was too cold to go outside and we were feeling unmotivated and bored we would often get one out, spread it all out on our dining room table, sip on a cup of hot cocoa, and get to work. Choosing landscapes of somesort, the coutryside, a lighthouse on the shore. We would start of course on the corners, to the edges, putting that frame together was a huge accomplishemet. Paramount to completing the rest. Its one thing that we actually work together well on.

those 500-1000 piece puzzes never got put together in one night. never.

We would go through spurts and it would take days, weeks. looking at the puzzle a little before work, get one piece in. a little before dinner, a few more. then after, maybe several if we were feeling ambitious. TIme flies when working on it too. it feels like 5 minutes, when it as 2 hours. Only your back starts screaming after leaning over for copious amounts of time.

We haven't done this in a while, and certainly not this year while a small piece could fall to the floor and Little Buddy will inevitably find it before we do and give a new home in his mouth. The pieces don't fit so well after being bombarded by drool.

However Bill has been working with me on another puzzle.

As a counselor, I am always trying to figure people out. People and problems are puzzles of sorts. It takes time to see a clear picture. Sorry, its just in my nature.

And recently there has been a timeline and persona in my early  years that I am trying to piece together, that I have never bothered to consider before. Bill was even surprised. But putting this puzzle together, and then talking to a particular source, non-judgementally, may significantly help my ability to understand, empathize and heal in an area with a large scar. Both figurativly and literally.

Age 2 was a bit of a complicated mess. And a mystery.

And there is at least one thing I must figure out.

And sadly, until the mystery, the puzzle is solved, or sorted through, and picture becomes more clear, I can't say a whole lot more. And I hate crypic messages. And realize that is kind of what I am putting out here.

All that to say, an engineer and a counselor are working togther to solve it (yes, you read that right, he is helping me with psychology!!! unreal, eh). And maybe this is where we work well togther. 2 completely different functional halves of a brain. Putting another puzzle together.

No hot cocoa.

But some good bonding time.

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