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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Goal 5: thinking

And so this is the second half is continued improvement and mindfulness in my thought process/emotional health.
Sometimes my inner dialogue is wretched. Wretched. Horrible things. About myself. About others. About "how unfair the world is."
I would like to change, if not quiet such rhetoric.

To me, this is most meaningful is two things

1. confidence
2. Being at Peace

1. I can be and present very confidant at times. However I second guess myself constantly, especially professionally. And now as I am trying to branch out and meet new people. As a CBT therapist I believe that we act upon what we believe, including about ourselves. I need to slow down my thought process and I need to buy into my own  competence and "likability". What messages am I telling myself? And what messages/example am I setting for the next generation?

2. 'The more I come to peace with myself, the less I engage in war with others". I feel like I have come so far in this area. I come from a history of drama and baggage. And as I continue to let that go I have a better quality of life. I am less defensive. I hear people better. I engage in conflict less. I cannot change others or history, but I can change my self and my perception of such things. It is a constant struggle and project.

 There are specific projects I am mindfully working on in this. Which I plan to expand on at later times.

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