Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ben's Big Day

Today, last year, we were packing up to take our little buddy home. I remember thinking so many things. "what do I do now?" "I can't believe I get to take him home!" "What can't I do for 2 weeks (many many things apparantly)" "millions of people do this every day, I can do this too..."

A year in we are a bit more comfrotable and confidant in what we do, in making decisions, and in being ok to make mistakes.

His birthday this year we had an eventful day. One I had a lot of fun planning and was ok with however it was going to turn out. Good, bad, germs, over tiredness, whatever.

it started out that his birthday was on Ash Wedesday, so he and I went to get our ashes.
(you can faintly see them on his forhead. he mostly was able to rub them all off by the end of the service.)
After nap and lunch and daddy coming home early from work, we went out to the Round Lake Children's Museum. I only found out it existed the week before. And it is one of few places for a kid as young as Ben to be able to check out and enjoy. We spent a good hour or so there before, and mostly to ourselves before it was getting towards nap time and we checked out.
He then came home, and refused to nap. So we indulged him in some gift opening and his birthday cupcake.

Somewhere in the midst of all that we also went out to dinner at a new local place that I have been dying to check out. Maybe when Ben is more aware we will go to one of those choo-choo restaurants. But this place called "Ad-Lib"  they have a small menu that changes daily and they source from many local farms or places that employ sustainable farming practices (including fishing- wild caught). My only concern in the foi grais on the menu.
Overall quite the lovely birthday for my sweet boy!

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