Tuesday, February 19, 2013

back to the grind

Well, to be honest, I have not been running in a few weeks.If you are not "in the know", here is why
please disregard the throw up of toys in the background and notice the color difference between my two feet.

The discoloration actually happened several days after this injury. There was almost no swelling, which is a good thing. I actually was fairly certain I broke  my foot for a few days. I may never know, because I never got it checked out. Since I could still walk, I and because I was terrified to know the truth, I never went. Shame on me.

In typical Jenna style, I hurt it doing something fairly mundane. I was rushing around to get a few things in order at home before my guitar lesson came over. While stepping into the garage, the two downward steps it takes to get there, I managed to ignore their existence and land very awkwardly on the outside of my right foot. After about a minute of swearing I continued to grab the music stand and take it into the house. Even with a limp.

Walking has finally become not painful or uncomfortable in any way shape or form, but still decided to give it a few weeks.

This last week I started gradually doing some workouts in the basement on the bike and then the elliptical. Always checking for sensitivity during and afterwards.

And  I can finally say that I went for my first run in several weeks. It was mighty cold, and I forgot my neck warmer, but figured I wan't gong too far as this was a literal test run. I went 2.5 miles and felt good and continue to feel good. My second run was just as good. But indoors. And a bit longer.

I am a little bit behind on my training for the Illinois half and have some ground to make up, but since I had already started and know that it takes months to lose the cardio  training I had established, I figure it won't take too long to get where I need to be. Its only 2 and a half months now until my sister and I run a half marathon together!

I can't wait until we have the chance to do an actual training run together next weekend when she is up for Ben's birthday party.

Which reminds me, we are still looking for your support. We are running to raise money for a local domestic violence agency. We are about 50% to our goal of $1,000. Please consider supporting our cause. Any amount makes a huge difference. Or please help us by promoting our fundraiser. Put it on Facebook, your blog, a forum, whatever. Your support and backing inspires me to get out there and continue my training.\\

Here is our fundraising page in case you are interested.


Prayers, encouragement and accompanying me on training runs are also welcome!

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