Saturday, February 18, 2012

Purging a sad story

With all of the changes, lack of sleep and new adventures, I still can't stop thinking about something I heard at the hospital.

So this is my attempt to expunge it from my brain.

After I gave birth, I pretty much rested. But a few times, especially for phone calls, I left my room, walked around and went to the visitors area to make phone calls since that was the only place that got decent reception.

One time while in that family waiting area, I saw a lady who was just in tears and was being comforted by 2 nurses. My mind went straight to worst case scenario and my natural nosy curiosity listened in to what was going on.

While it was not "worst case scenario", it was certainly a bad scenario. The lady was the family member of someone who was at that moment giving birth. The person who was giving birth was crying, writhing, screaming and generally not enjoying labor. Which is completely normal. And that is not what was making this family member so upset.

What was making her upset was what the "baby daddy" was doing/saying. Apparently he was yelling at the mother-to-be, asking her why she was crying, accusing her of overreacting, telling her to calm down, etc and generally being a complete douschbag. The family member said that she can handle her crying due to labor, but not due to what he was doing/saying to her on what was supposed to be a monumental day in her life. Instead he chose to ruin it for her. (call it the hormones, but I am tearing up as I think about it/write this)

So many thoughts race through my mind. Like how can a doctor/nurse allow him to stay in the room? (pending the doctor was there when he was saying that, he isn't there the full billion hours you are actually laboring). Can they kick him out? Does baby daddy need to be in one of my DV perp groups? What the hell is wrong with that guy??

Also, it just makes me so thankful and proud of my husband. I told him the story and he was ready to kick some a$$. But also my husband was a total rock star during mine and I don't know how I would have handled it if he wasn't there. He did everything asked of him, never questioned my actions, thoughts, responses, decisions, just gently reminded me of some things that maybe I didn't remember (like lifting my head while pushing) and was just present and supportive.

I really don't know why I shared this other than to get it out. It makes me sad, but grateful at the same time.

lets keep that new mom and her baby in my and your thoughts and prayers.

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