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Friday, February 3, 2012

Maternity Photos

The maternity photos are in.
Instead of adding them all to my Facebook page (which I will with many), I thought I'd put many of them on here. Easier to scroll through. These are just some of my favorites. If you like them, check out the photographers at

The whole maternity photo thing is funny. I think pregnancy and life is something to be celebrated, and so should be captured in pictures. I'm not into the whole month by month thing. Growing physically larger was a struggle for me, but am happy with the photos and to have the memory of being pregnant, which overall has been a pleasant experience for me. Although I am ready to meet this kid!

just the belly:

 thats my front window:
 this one was a facebook preview, kitty kept on getting in the way of the shoot. so she made it into at least one picture. She's so adorably naughty:
 recognize these from the shower? which will it be?
 The double chin going on is not my favorite, but I love our interaction. pretty classic.

now this, i believe is classic.

Belly shots are weird for me. But I allowed some to be taken. This one was cute I thought:
 aw, I like this guy:
 So, although it was chilly, I was insistent on some outdoor shots cause I just love the outdoors. How perfect that we had a fresh snowfall.
 duh, green and gold...this kid is going to be raised right.

 and this is just cool:

There were lots more, but it already took my stupid slow computer like an hour to upload these. If you want to see more, let me know. But now its time to take some pic of the kid!

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