Friday, November 2, 2012


So its true, I have decided to run a half marathon. I have actually paid the entrance fee, and because I am not one to waste money, its officially on.

My sister and I will be running this thing together.One because its easier to do with some accountability and two, its just more fun. What whats more fun than running, right? *cough*

In adding to the comraderie and accountability we have decided to run for a cause. I work for a local domestic violence organization that provides counseling, shelter, housing and prevention education. I work in the abuser treatment program and most of those guys grew up witnessing dv themselves. Also I know many people who I care about who have experienced domestic violence in some way shape or form: past, present, be it physical, emotional, verbal, etc. If there is one place you should feel safe and secure, it is at home. Am I right?

So we are running to benefit A Safe Place/Lake County Crisis Center. Please check them out and see their wonderful work. (also if you like to run yourself, they will be hosting their first 5k next year in May)

Here's the deal. Neither my sister or myself are elite athletes  Not by a long shot. We aren't very fast. But we are pretty tough. But we know its going to be hard and we are dedicated to being healthy and strengthening our relationship through this. And we are asking for support. Both emotional and financial. Ask us to go for a run. Ask us how its going. Share our fundraising link with friends, by e-mail, by facebook, twitter, your blog. And if you are able, donate financially. Even $1 helps.

Every dollar will directly go to provide counseling for children, for victims, for abusers (so they can get help and are less likely to hurt again), for food and utilities for the emergency shelter, it keeps the 24 hour hotline running, for safe visitation and exchanges for separated couples, for assistance in obtaining orders of protection, for empowering those who have been shot down.

here is my link to my fundraising page. My goal is $1,000. And to raise more than my sister. If I can get the one out of 2, I will be happy. If my sister far exceeds $1,000, that is AWESOME!!!

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