Wednesday, November 14, 2012

9 months

 Ben is now 9 months old.

Its kind of hard to believe a year will be here before I know it. Time has flown. And fast.

here are some of the recent highlights with my little buddy:

- Teeth. he has 6 teeth. Most came in about a month span, so pretty quick. I'm hoping for a break before the next ones come in. And he loves to use those sharp buggers.

-Movement. Ben seems to have 0 interest in crawling. He does love to move around, but he prefers the rolling method. He will roll and roll back and forth, from one end of the room to another. He loves to rach and bang whatever is within reach. He enjoys bouncing with you holding him in standing position or in one of those jumparoo type things. And he still kicks all of the time. He has been sitting up by himself for a while now. Oh and I melt a little each time he reaches his arms out for his momma.

- Observant. its so much fun to watch his brain work. He knows where to look now when he drops things. He knows to peek around things, like corners or over or under whatever is blocking his view. he likes to turn pages of books for me and reading is one time he likes to just sit and not be carried or moving around. he thinks kitty is probably the funniest thing he has ever seen. He laughs and laughs as he watches her. Also any form of peek a boo is hilarious to him. Cover my face, cover his, with hands, a blanket, whatever. He claps. He waves. Babbles incessantly. Sticks out his tongue at you on purpose.

I'm really excited about the upcoming holidays with him. Going to the in-laws farmstead gives Ben all kinds of things to look at and interact with. Kitties, the will really be something when he can run around the 20 acres. He can eat some of what will be on the table. Lots of cousins to love on him. and I have already begun Christmas presents for him. (which I have actually spent exactly $0 with 6 presents, another blog post for another day). And present opening will be more exciting next year when he is more aware.

There is so much to look forward to in his development.

But man is he all kinds of fun right now.


  1. I can't believe I found you here. Benjamin is adorable. I loved reading about him. It feels like just yesterday that my little one was that age. Time sure does fly. I am so happy for you

    1. Jocelym as aways, you are so sweet! I think of you fondly! congrats on your new bundle of joy!