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Friday, March 22, 2013

Practice.. Practice. Practice.

When I was in line at JoAnne fabrics holding Ben and purchasing my brand new Singer sewing machine for my birthday, an older lady behind me looked so excited for me. She started giving me thoughts and pointers on what to do or expect with starting to sew. I am not usually one to take or hear unsolicited advice, but I loved the feel and where it was coming from. The sentiments she said that stood out were...

"The only way to get good is practice. practice practice practice."
"Don't expect to save any money making your own things" BUT
"You get to make things the way you want to make them"

And its only been a few days that I have had this machine, but I have been doing just that...

practice practice practice

The first thing to do was just make sure I set it up right and read directions. I read directions. This is a big deal because, well I almost never read directions. I always think I can just figure it out. Which  usually I can(Maybe I am growing up a little!).

I got it to work and made one weird thing. I just used scrap fabric.
yes, that weird "wrist pillow" again...

Oh...on a side note. I have this thing were I go on Etsy or to craft fairs or whatever and look at cute handmade items, but rarely pull the trigger and buy it. Unless its knitted. Usually because I look at the item and think " I could make that". And I cannot knit.

This is where my practice is coming in. Those cute things I see, are what I am trying to practice/work on.

So the main item of practice is headbands. I am not going by any pattern but again using scraps and memory I am making very simple headbands. I mean pretty decorative ones for my hair. Or your hair. Or whatever. I have stitched together a total of about 8 so far. And I have to say that I am enjoying experimenting and sewing and feel rather creative as I learn how to do it better each time. Try to figure out what ways look better or are more efficient. It also helps that each one does not take terribly long to make. I am not very patient with projects. As evidenced by my unimpressive history with crocheting. So I feel pretty accomplished in having finished 8 projects in the past few days. Would you like to see some of my pretty creations?

The four in a row got sent to someone for "review" as I call it. What works. What doesn't. How can they be improved. Which designs work best. Would you ever buy something like this? Or want something like this as a present?

I also started learning how to make tutus. Random. I know. But I blame running those crazy obstacle mud races. Buying vs. making. I am starting to lean more again towards making. And the tutus are so easy. Especially when you make a small one for a child. 2 little girls are getting pretty tutu's here soon.

(I recognize that the picture isn't that impressive, but I didn't really have anyone to put it on right now to show it off. Unless you wanted me to put it on Ben. )

And while I am having fun creating and practicing, I am starting to think about possibilities of other things I can do. I originally wanted to relearn how to sew to make Ben a Christmas stocking. And then went a little overboard on fabric. But I will have lots to do with making some stockings this year.

Anyone want a stocking?

I am also already thinking, if I can get any good at this , about Etsy or craft fairs, etc myself. I would love to make things to raise funds for a cause that is becoming more and more dear to my heart. But we are not there yet.

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