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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I have a love/hate relationship with milk. I love to hate it.

I have never liked it. I am not sure I could tell you when or why my dislike started. But there is something about the taste and texture that I cannot handle. It's gross and has a slightly sour taste every time. 2% 1% whole skim whatever. Only skim is somewhat almost tolerable. Perhaps cause its more like water and I can drink that by the gallon.

"Can I at least eat it in my cereal?" I have been asked. That is a double no. Worse than drinking it out of a glass. It makes my wonderfully crunchy cereal soggy and that sugary wheaty milk left at the end is akin to battery acid for me. I eat my cereal dry thank you very much and I enjoy it immensely.

Every so often I do try it in some form to see what the fuss is about. Is it really that bad? I do this with almost all of my despised foods. Like ketchup. Creamed corn. And every time. Terrible. I tried it over my oatmeal this morning cause Bill can't eat oatmeal without it. While it wasn't vomit inducing, it added nothing for me.

Some things will never get a second chance. You hear that braunschweiger? Tamales?

And so it is with milk. We will only meet as I pour some for my son. As I use you in a recipe such as pancakes. Or a spot of you in my coffee.

Except chocolate milk. Chocolate is the exception to everything, isn't it? If you have ever had Oberweis chocolate milk, you know where I am coming from. Incredible. And no, I am not 6 years old.

Anything you can't eat. For pure taste?

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