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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Birthday fun

I LOVE birthdays. Yours, mine, Bens, everyones. Its a chance to celebrate, not just a thing, but a person. A life. I forced this annual celebrating of birthdays upon my dear husband, but he has come to enjoy them. As long as it is just us, the immediate family. Surprise birthday parties are out of the question for him. I have made it that everyone takes the day off. No one works, and if we are lucky, maybe we will do a little weekend something.

And so it was with this, my 34th birthday.
34. struggling with that number (another post for another day)

It started with a weekend drive up to Madison, Wi. On the way up we stopped in my hometown of Milton and found an adorable winery. I found a chocolate cherry port I fell head over heels for. shocking. And since its my birthday weekend, I bought some.
Once we reached Madison we hit the Madison Childrens Museum as something to do. He is still  bit young for most of it, but was fun to check it out.

I wish I would have taken pictures of our other adventures and meet ups with friends. We met up with Bills college buddies, my sort of cousins, drove down to New Glarus, and had yes, New Glarus beer tour and tasting. Bill was highly impressed with the cleanliness and efficiency of their production facility. I liked the berry beer. And Ben beautifully slept/napped during the driving stints.

Then came Monday, actual Birthday!!!
Lots of playing with Little Buddy and Bill (who took the day off of work per tradition!)
Around 9:30 I put on these beauties, a present from my little sissy and headed out alone

(please note the snow. it was 30-something degrees, as opposed to the 80 -something degree birthday I had last year)

got me a massage

popped next door for some coffee and gelato and read for a bit

then went back home where we all then went out shopping for my birthday present. Here is what I wanted and what I got. Great for all of the little projects I want to attempt...

making sure it worked, here is the first thing I made. I really don't know what it is. I just wanted to make sure I could get the darn thing to work. I told Bill it was a wrist pillow. I'm sure if I decorate it with little buttons or whatever it can be a toy for Ben. Or Kitty. Or I could just toss it. lol.

And finally went out for a special dinner. This new local restaurant (Ad Lib Geocafe)that sources from lots of local sources and farmers, meats and produce, was having a special wine dinner. Pairing each course with a wine from a winemaker that was brought in. Starry Night winery. 
(I had a great seat/view of them putting the dishes together)
(lobster broth with truffles...I would marry this soup)

Holy man, this may have been the best dinner I have ever had. Or the wine got to me. Or both.

Either way.

It was a very happy birthday indeed

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