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Monday, March 4, 2013

music lessons

I love music.

I love to listen to it, groove to it, run to it, create it and share it with others.

Sometimes I wonder how anyone cannot love music at all. I mean, I truly think that our bodies and the world are set to music and rhythm. It seems everything is set to a beat, our hearts, our breath, the roll of the tide, the beating a horses hooves, crickets chirping, the whistling of the wind....need I go on?

I literally cannot run without it. I need a downbeat for my foot to fall to. A driving beat to inspire my next step. A positive message in the lyrics to set my mood and remind me what I am capable of.

Its been a while since I have performed anything. I sing, write, play guitar and pretend to play piano. I can play piano enough to impress and untrained ear. I used to lead worship at my old church and play at coffeehouses. To be honest I kind of miss doing that. However I have not had much time to practice and I do not miss the butterflies I get in my stomach.

What I do now is still teach guitar lessons. Mostly beginners. I used to teach at a store on the side before the store closed. Some of my students came with me. My numbers have dwindled significantly since having a baby. It is just something fun that I like to do and I really enjoy the people who I work with. One student I have been teaching on and off for maybe 3-4 years. We have similar tastes in music and she has such a sweet family. She is old and mature enough now that I am excited to use her for some babysitting (which is a big deal for me to trust anyone with my baby...but also good to have choices. I sometimes feel bad asking the same wonderful sitter to always watch my sweet boy).

Running and music.

And so with the month of March, my favorite month anyway. Yes, completely for selfish birthday related reasons, I will connect my music and running and lessons and training.

All money from every music lesson I give in the month of March will go directly to support my fundraising efforts for my half marathon in the end of April to support a local Domestic Violence Agency. That will be $15-30 a week. Which is not a lot, but it is something.

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