Monday, July 9, 2012

A Memorable Anniversary

today marks 7 years of marriage to my Dear Husband.

1 year ago we did not spend our anniversary quite as we had expected. at all. We were not quite 1 month into knowing we were expecting. The day before I had been experiencing some minor bleeding, and was not sure if I should be concerned. I spoke to Bill about it and by the time we decided we should call it was late, so we/I  decided to call the next morning (felt bad disturbing family time- which I find out later he's a bachelor). My doc was not particularly happy with me for waiting and told me to go to the ER. So I did.

And so our anniversary was spent in the ER. Pretty romantic, eh.

It turned out that everything was ok. The scare was possible miscarriage. But upon inspection and tests, it was probably placental implantation? Apparently it takes 6 hours to figure all of this out. We did learn some important info that blood type being o- and Bill's being positive, this is a problem, esp if this baby is positive. If our blood mixes, my body may reject any future fetus', esp if they are rh+. Unless I get a series of shots with rh antibodies. it pretty rare to have this blood type combo is a couple. At this er visit I got my first one. (and it was a good thing as my baby is Rh positive)

By the end of this ordeal, we are pretty emotionally drained. But still make it out to dinner later. We had much to celebrate.

I think what frustrated us the most was not really being able to share it with anyone since we weren't telling anyone we were expecting yet. I know we could have, but it was so personal at the time. we decided to wait until 2nd trimester to tell everyone because of the high rate of miscarriage in the 1st.  Maybe 2 people knew at this point. (and only because they asked point blank and I can't lie)

It can only go up from here,right

Well, here we are at 7 years. While I already know it won't be the ideal day. Bill now has to work (thank you train derailment in don't think about how things like that affect all of the industries it serves. No raw material delivery means no production. Which means maintenance kicks into high gear since they won't be running...which is the department my DH heads up...gah!)

So if we're lucky, we will get to do dinner. Worst case scenario, we move it to a different day.
And in the scheme of things, while I love to celebrate (LOVE to celebrate)...its not the end of the world.

And we have a beautiful healthy baby boy who we did not lose 1 year ago.
And there is no "itch" at 7 years here.
And it becomes better each year and simultaneously more complex as we expand the latticework of who we are and what this family is and grow as people.
And when all is said and done, while nothing it perfect, I wouldn't change a thing.

May we enjoy 7 x 70 more. Good. bad and everything in between

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