Sunday, July 22, 2012


In case you didn't know, I am completely unoriginal.
The number of perfectly original thoughts I have ever conceptualized in my own brain is exactly: 0.
I lack creative inspiration that can completely create or design a new concept.

What I am able to do is to take someone elses idea, and shape into something that fits me a little bit more accurately. Every idea I have ever had, first came from someone elses mind.

For example, decorating. Do you think I just picked the colors on the walls in my home?  No, I consulted many magazines and a friend who is an interior decorator.

I suppose we all do this to some extent. i.e. all music begets music. We all use someone elses ideas to some extent.

Why the big explanation? Of course because I am about to copy someones idea. It won't be the first time. It certainly won't be the last. But this other idea really messed me up. And I won't be copying it exactly, by any means. But I am considering making a mini "Jenna-ized" version. And the idea is not fully developed. Because I have not finished reading the other idea yet.

What I have done is started reading a book. I wanted to be inspired spiritually. And that is what I got. I downloaded "7: An experimental mutiny against excess" by Jen Hatmaker.

First of all, Jen is an exceptional writer. I like the way she narrates, sees the world and in some way feel like we could be friends, even though she lives in Texas and is about 1000 times cooler than I am.

In recognizing her own need to change, be grateful, and be closer to God, she decided to "simplify" in some very specific and somewhat extreme ways. To get rid of some of those things that distract her (us) from God, gratefulness and our best selves. Those things include: food, things/possessions,clothes, media and 3 other things/aspects I have yet to read. 

Immediately I was both intruiged and convicted. I am so addicted to these very things that she talks about. I feel the pressure to keep up with the Jonses, to fill myself and life up with unnecessary things. I adore food and associate too many feelings and emotions to it, rather than just let it nourish me physically, which is all it is supposed to do. And you will probably never be invited to look at my closet. Not only is it a disaster, but I have so many articles that it is embarrassing. And always think I have nothing to wear. Its never enough. And this from someone who did not grow up with money. Sometimes I use these things to fill me up, rather than things that matter. Love, compassion, helping others, relationships,________ ...fill in the blank. Sometimes I just feel like I am missing something.

And yet I need none of these things. Its all excess.

Her experiments gave her one month to focus on each area. And circles around the number 7. For example for one month she could only wear/rotate through 7 articles of clothing (underwear not included). for another month her diet was limited to 7 (very nutritious) foods to be eaten in any combination. For one month she had to go through her things and have 7 item each day to give away to someone else.

Do you know that if you are reading this, that compared to the rest of the world, you're income is higher than 99% of the other human inhabitants of earth? Hard to see that when we are looking through our front window and seeing the neighbors yard. perspective is only what we see.

The book is written from a very Christian perspective. Which I am. But I also think she taps into the real Christianity. The kind that loves, serves, hopes, acts, listens...rather than the kind that judges, condemns, etc

So what am I suggesting? I'm not totally sure. I do want to finish this book first. but I do want to simplify. I want to be more connected to other people and god and myself than my stuff. To serve others more than my own compulsions. Thats what I think we are really here on earth for.I am considering a mini 7 experiment. like take each section myself and really reduce for a week each. but my own idea is not well developed.

If anyone else has an interest or other ideas to use this perspective,  I am all ears. And a little accountability is never a bad thing. Follow through has never been a strength of mine.

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