Sunday, July 15, 2012


So, in case you haven't noticed on facebook, I have been liking an awful lot of business and blog webpages. I am not doing it to annoy you. I honestly wish I could figure out how to do it without letting the entire Facebook universe know about it. I keep trying to tweak my settings, to no avail. I really hate that about Facebook.

Why have I been "liking" all of these pages, blogs and businesses I have probably never even looked at? Well, the answer is I have gotten into the world of giveaways, contests, rafflecopter and basically trying to win free crap. Mostly baby crap, it started out with cloth diapers, then onto other baby items,  with a few Amazon gift card giveaways thrown in. All of these contests require you to "like" something on Facebook, follow on Twitter or follow a blog or sign up for an e-mail list. I do "like" these pages with the intention of gong back and "unliking" them. but then I am either too lazy or can't remember which ones are for a recent contest or an old one.

You probably don't know that I do have a Twitter account. I honestly only signed up for it to get more entries into these contests. So don't "follow" me on Twitter. It will only annoy you even more than my Facebook page probably already does. Its pretty much exclusively for these contests. Not that I really know how to use Twitter anyway. I think that there is no such thing as a complete sentence on this "Twitter"

So is it even panning out?
For a while, "no". I was about ready to give up when I got a notification of a "top fan" status on a facebook page. I then won a pretty awesome cloth diaper insert and a cloth wipe. (Geffen).
Shortly after I received e-mail notification that I won a really fancy schmancy set of baby wraps/swaddlers. Just today I won $20 gift card to a natural baby store.
For a list of great baby-themed giveaways check out

I have also been introduced to this website Swagbucks. By doing web searches through them, filling out surveys, watching videos, taking a poll, whatever, you earn these points or "swagbucks". Just a few minutes a day really. When you get so many you can cash them in for things like giftcards. So far in just a few months I have earned over $100 in gift cards, most of them to Amazon. Which I have then used that for various baby things, like the little baby pool, some odor eliminating spray, a few diapers, etc.

I have a lot of what I need now. I kind of wish I had started looking for some of this free stuff last year before I bought any baby stuff. I would have loved to have spent a lot less, which I already felt that I was being pretty thrifty. But like everything else, I am a late bloomer.

Interested? If so, good luck!!

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