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Sunday, April 22, 2012

fake tree-hugger to try cloth diapers

Recently I have been reading a lot about cloth diapering. It is something that I have always liked the idea of, however when it comes to actually putting it into practice, it seemed too overwhelming. Being overwhelmed tends to be a theme in my life anyway. But it seems complicated to think about. Learning how to fold, washing off nasty poop from a diaper several times a day, laundry 5,000 times a week and it just seems messy. As much as I like to say that I am a tree hugger and care about the environment, the truth of the matter is, sometimes I am just lazy and doing it the way everyone else does it just plain easier.

So, I am going to experiment and try it. At least part time. Starting out a few days a week just at home, then seeing what happens from there. I still have a crapload of disposable diapers anyway. I just ordered my first cloth diapers and they are on their way, there is no turning back. Why? Because in my research it doesn't really seem all that difficult now. They've made cloth diapering kind of easy, no learning how to fold, using old school giant pins (which is what Bill also envisioned when I mentioned it to him.). There are a few different kinds/styles. Many grow with him size-wise. It can be cheaper in the long run, apparently is more comfortable for the kid and there is much less diaper rash.  

The downsides, besides the seeming inconvenience includes: getting buy in from anyone who might watch him seems daunting and imposing(maybe it won't be). Also the access laundering and water usage. Thus increasing my already increased water bill and time laundering.

We'll see. I've gone with "all in one" style diapers because they are apparently the easiest. And my lazy butt wants to make this as easy as possible. And if I end up hating it and wanting to give up, the resale on cloth diapers is actually pretty close to new from what I have seen/heard.

I am an idealist. I love the idea of lots of nice sounding things. But my nature is to usually do the least amount of work possible (including spending money) to still get good/adequate/impressive-looking results. I think they call that middle-child syndrome. :) At least I am self-aware.

I will let you know how it goes.


  1. I think you'll really like it. And I'm telling you, all it adds when you have enough is an extra load every two days. not too bad. They're a lot easier then I thought they'd be. =) and waaaaay cuter than disposables. =)

    have fun! let me know if you have any questions (not that I'm a pro, but I've done it for about a month now, and did tons of research before Eisley was born.)

  2. You can do it Jenna! I contemplated many times, but David was never hip on the idea and I didn't push it. Hopefully by this fall, I will never have to deal with another diaper again. Fingers crossed. Woot! :)