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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Being active in super important to me. Not just because of the health benefits, but if you know me, its pretty impossible for me to be/sit still (which creates issues for me in other areas of life).
I'm not terribly picky in the how, or sadly the "how well", I just like moving, especially if it involves being outside.
when I was pregnant I considered how I was going to be able to be active again postpartum and get my workouts into my day/week.
Do you now what my plan was? To put the baby in a bouncer or pack and play or whatever and have it by my workout equipment and sit there nicely or sleep while I work out on my elliptical, bike, weights, whatever, or possibly run when Bill gets home.
Ah, plans, its funny how the best laid ones fail (current moms just laughed out loud at my "plan")
Ben certainly doesn't sit quietly or sleep by himself very long (however could do either in my lap for hours), and the time he does, I need to use for simple things like showering or going to the bathroom or making a sandwich. Also, when Bill gets home, its really the  last thing on my mind. I just want to make dinner and have a quiet break and am pretty tired by then.
I have found, however, that it is not impossible. sometimes we just need to get creative.
Now, I have gotten the ok for all physical activity from my doctor, which is why I have been pursuing this more aggressively.
First of all, I have a new neighborhood friend who I go walking with many weekday mornings. We go a little over a mile and a half and I carry Ben in my Baby Bjorn (which, for the record is a God-send. it is the kind of thing I now will be getting everyone off of their registries). So carrying an extra 8-9 pounds while walking is good activity. and the mile and a half goes by fast with good company.
Additionally, today I took out my stroller (which is also a jogger) and Ben and I went running with the stroller. Runs without the stroller will most likely be on the weekends or when I gather up the nerve to ask someone to watch Ben while I run. Last weekend I went.
Finally, as odd as it sounds, on low settings with the Bjorn I can carry Ben while I am on a machine. It certainly won't work when he gets older, but works for now.
And we walk around the house a lot anyway, carrying Ben, esp when fussy.
Now its not obsessive, its not daily, but its several times a week which I feel super good about.

And the greatest part is is that Ben seems to enjoy it. We are together for a lot of it. He falls asleep with my movement on walks and in the stroller, etc. hes a mover for sure, he is always kicking off his swaddlers, blankets, whatever. Perhaps he's got my "need to be active" thing. And maybe he'll be a baseball player yet.

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