Thursday, May 3, 2012

And the diaper madness begins...

Well here I am, sitting in my driveway attempting to be a part of the neighborhood garage sale. its probably a good thing that I live way in the farthest back corner of the neighborhood and get little
'rummaging" traffic cause: a. I was running late  b. am trying to manage a garage sale with a little baby c. I really don't have much good stuff to sell and d. I'm nursing. just what everyone loves to see (although I ALWAYS use my cover when others are around)

Anyway, thats not what this blog is about. I wanted to comment on my part time efforts of cloth diapering so far. I really only started getting my orders last weekend and had to wash them a million times before I used them. But I have started using them a bit. Including today.

For starters, I've bought many different brands, trying to focus on the "all in ones" cause I'm lazy, but have a few pocket ones so I could see what those are all about. So even before I "used them" the washing and drying work was interesting. seeing how long it took some of them to dry. Some took waaaayyy longer than others.

For actual use...well, I have a 9 pound baby with tiny thighs. so some leak cause they're not tight enough on his legs. One diaper I was super impressed with the absorbancy. I felt the fabric touching his skin and it was dry. when i checked the layer farthest away from him it was wet. that has to make it more comfy for him! who wants to sit in wetness? I wish I remembered which one it was. oops.

I have to say that these are kind of cute. I like the colors and designs, etc. I don;t like how poofy they are under his onesies. Perhaps thats where having him wear more "shirts" and those baby legs are a decent option (oh I love the baby legs. I could do a whole blog on those!). Or just clothes that are a little big, which everything seems to be a little big on him anyway. At least he's finally starting to outgrow his "newborn" size.

Bill says that he doesn't like that he can't tell if he's wet and needs to be changed. I say just change him every few hours and your good. Doesn't it seem that babies wet the diaper right after you change them anyway? He likes the "swaddlers" disposable diapers cause they have the yellow line that goes blue when wet and checks diaper "puffiness". I haven;t completely forced him to get used to the cloth yet. not my babysitter. This is my experiment and I'm with him most of the time anyway.

I also found a local natural baby store in Racine. THeir selection of cloth diapers and knowledge and other products was highly impressive. If you are local, just check them out.

Also, I just ordered some "biodegradable" disposable diapers. I'm super curious about how those work too. and if they are really a viable option.

This is it abut a week in. I have ordered a few more too that are coming. excited to try them too. Especially having a full contigient of sort through and maybe try full time at some point. maybe

This poor kid is one big experiment it seems.. But aren't most first borns?

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