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Saturday, March 3, 2012

I wanna be like mom...or dad

So the last few days of observing Mr. Fantastic (or Ben), I've been taking note of what is Bill, and what is me. They come from both looking at us now, but also our baby pictures. Who will win? I recognize that many of these things may change/evolve, but at almost  3 weeks old here are my observations:

- Eyes: blue like dads (though I've heard they may change)
- Earlobes: attached like dad
- Hair: Ben was born with hair like me
- Nose: looks like Bill's baby photo
- Eyebrows: born with none to speak of here, like dad
- Appetite: ok, we both like to eat, but screams like he's "starving"', like dad
- Metabolism: seems again to be like dad. he eats all the time and hasn't yet made it back to his birth weight
- Facial Expressions: he does this "furrowed eyebrows" thing that is just like me. I think it hilarious.
- Fingers: long like dad's. (Bill could have been a good musician had he tried!)
- Eyelashes: while it may be too early to tell, they seem long like mine
- General Demeanor: serious like dad
- Little chin dimple: I had that in my baby pics

if i were more proactive, I'd scan and upload mine and Bills baby pictures next to Ben's so you can compare for yourself. But I digress.

So far, it seems that dad/Bill is winning. Be it genetics, or just that he's a boy or that he's so young. Dad has the upper hand.Which is completely ok by be.  I chose dad for a reason!

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