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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mess of a pantry

So I have a project that I will be attempting.
I don't really have an official plan for it, because I don't usually do plans. I tend to be a "fly by the seat of my pants" persona, which has worked well for me so far. But what is funny is that it is an organizational project. And while I would never call myself "organized", I'm more "differently organized" (I always know where my stuff is even if it doesn't appear that way)

Project? Pantry.

It is a complete disaster and its starting to make me a little crazy each time I look at it. Probably because I am a little weird about my kitchen appearing cluttered and people see my pantry when they come over cause I always leave that door open. If you can't see the mess, I'm ok with it. But once you can see it, I'm not ok with it. Analyze that!!

After seeing a Nate Berkus show last week with someone who had a nice pantry, I was inspired. Now my pantry is small. Can barely be called a pantry, more of a small closet. The plan is to get a bunch of clear jars/containers and baskets and put everything in them. I know, real clear plan, eh. But I have a picture in my head that makes sense. Everything will be labeled with chaulkboard contact paper so whatever is labeled can be relabeled easily when the contents change.

I should take a before and after picture. Its really that bad right now. So I can't wait to see if a. I actually finish the project and b. what it looks like if/when I do.

And I post it here to hold me accountable.


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