Monday, May 27, 2013

Daddys Boy

My dear son is insanely adorable and is learning to do so many things. Watching his personality and kindness develop are some of our favorites.

Lately there have been some Things Ben does that makes his daddy especially proud:

1. I bought Bill an Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ornament one year. Somehow it turned into a regular fixture on our home. It plays the Indy theme song a few times when you push a secret button. Lately, Ben has been enraptured with it. The base mainly, since Indy keeps falling off. He carries it around, asking someone to push the secret button so he can dance. Daddy loves this

2. Baseball. Ben has gotten very good at throwing things. Especially on command. Baseballs and other balls. While his control needs some fine tuning, and he seems to favor his right hand ... So his career as a lefty is questionable. We are seeing some major league potential.

3. With some cajoling, he has developed a love for Star Wars. ok, maybe just his stuffed Darth Vader. All of those hugs on him... I believe he is working on overcoming evil with good.

 He can win Darth back away from the dark side. That face can can win a lot of hearts.

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