Saturday, December 1, 2012

the art of MY run

This one was a long rough week.

I knew that this was going to be the case before it started.

But sometimes you just need to buckle up and power through.

I kind of felt that way today when I was preparing for my first run of the week. Because of the long rough week, I haven't really gotten to run, excepting the elliptical last night. I know I need to keep working on my endurance so it was going to be at least 4 miles.

The first thing I kind of have to do is set my mind. I am going to do this. I am going to run this long. I am going to do this task, this project, this problem. No matter how long it takes, its gong to get done. So I might as well make the best of it.

Sometimes what helps me get through is the music I choose I listen to. I require music to run. Say what you will, I will blame my ADD nature. Sometimes the very beat of a song dictates my next step. It forces it to move. It also helps when half of it is music I like or that is positive and meaningful. Inspiring. I need that music in my life. Repeating in my head. Assisting next steps. Music is very meditative for me. A little bit of Mumford and Sons, some Bebo, Lifehouse and don't forget a sprinkling of fun with Taylor, Boyonce, Pink.

Choosing the path is key. I am really digging this one lately with my 4-5 milers. Gives some lovely scenery, its a path I know and am comfortable with. My house down to this path. It keeps me aware of my environment, of how beautiful this world is. I need only to keep my head up and look around me to see the presence of the miraculous.

Who is beside you is also helpful. In spirit and in physcial presence. I know I need to be ready for eventual race for my sister. She runs with me in spirit. And when not running, dang can that girl make me laugh. And it helps to have the support of dh who was at home with baby. Friends who know your goals, your struggles, what path you are on, what made it a rough week. Though the journey and the run is mine.

Oh and I bought new shoes. So so comfy. I got to break them in today. Got them at a local running store who evaluates your step and needs.  Its not a good sign when I am not quite sure when I bought my last pair, but I know I have not done much running in the past year before I started training for the half. Being pregnant and running just did not work for me. I seriously have no idea how that one lady ran the marathon and then gave birth. How many restroom breaks did she take? I couldn't make it a half a mile without needing to go.

And so I finished my longest run in a while. After one of my rougher weeks in a while. And after powering through both, and with all of the above aforementioned  at the end you (I) come out thinking "that wasn't so bad". It certainly could have been worse.

And my reward?

Oh, I like rewards.
And my cute little town who supplies them.

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