Tuesday, September 11, 2012

favorite blogs

I only recently started reading other peoples blogs. But I have to say that there are a few that I enjoy immensely. So I would like to share some of my favorites for your enjoyment:

http://www.thisbeautifulstruggle.com/  I went to Tentmaker youth ministry training with her 9+ years ago.

http://cheandfidel.blogspot.com/  very whimsical

http://tomakeanest.blogspot.com/  I personally blame her for getting me into cloth diapering. our little ones are 2 days apart. She was in the youth group I volunteered with 10+ years ago

http://www.jenhatmaker.com/blog.htm  Jen Hatmaker. I've never met her but desperately want to be her best friend

http://kateandre.com/blog/  Kate McDonald

what are yours?

1 comment:

  1. HA! I want to be Jen Hatmaker's best friend, too. We share curlyish hair and big teeth. I think we're soulmates.

    (and thanks for the plug, i appreciate the affirmation. how's that for a TM throwback?)