Saturday, September 8, 2012

baby weight

I received a text today from someone I haven't spoken to in close to 2 years. I explained that I "just had a baby"...and they were truly excited for me, and then asked when...I said 6 months ago. Then I thought...wait, when is the line drawn to saying I "just had a baby"

I have been using this line in my head for many things. Excuses. Rationales. whatever. Its true, having a baby makes many things that you used to do and still kind of want to pretty challenging. Such as what this person called me for...can I exercise her horses. My first impulse is "yes!"...then the logistics set in. How? When? Do I need a babysitter? will it need to be an evening or weekends? When does it become ok to take a child to a barn? bah! I don't know the answers to thus yet.

The main "I just had a baby" excuse has been in the time honored mothering tradition of losing g the baby weight.

Its the very thing that scared me the most of motherhood before I ever git pregnant. And here I am, 6 months post-partum, still nursing, still out of my happy weight range. Not terribly far away. But there is no obsession, which may seem like nothing to you, it is to me. I just want to be my happiest and healthiest me.

Time has changed my mindset and so has my son. Now that I am feeding him solids a bit, my choices for him come from what is "most nutritious". And when I am focusing on that for him, its easier to focus on that for me as well. For example, I made several sweet potatoes last night, 2 were for his food supply, another was for our dinner. Nothing added. Just nutritious.

Because I am also still nursing, I can't go crazy. I need to maintain a healthy supply for my son. So its got to be little by little. Eat well. Exercise. Calories in/calories out. Slow and steady wins the race. Although seeing progress is pretty motivating.

So no more excuses. I am back on a plan. The same plan that had me at one of my healthiest places right before I got pregnant, (which is probably what helped me get pregnant). I use a site called "my fitness pal" Its a lot like weight watchers (which I have tried) but completely free and completely customizable. I can eat whatever i want. Just need to track it and not go nuts. Tracking is key. it has quite an extensive food and excercise database to pull from. You want to lose a half a pound a week? 2 pounds a week? you just put in what kind of progress you want to make. You want to track fiber? ok...well then just say so! How active are you during the day? And exercise is a bonus. If I work out, then I just get to eat more to make up the calories. And really, that has been one of my biggest motivating factors to working out (not my only), is so I can eat more.

 Yes, yes, it also feels good to work out.

So I am on track to lose 1/2 a pound per week. So far so good. I am down 3 pounds. And feel great.

Perhaps I'll be back just in time to conceive baby #2.

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