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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spotlight: Choosing Hope Adoptions

I first met Angela, the driving force behind Choosing Hope Adoptions, about 10 years ago. We were both registered for a 6 week Youth Ministry training course outside of Minneapolis. Furthermore, we were paired up to be roommates at a very "special" home. Oh the stories from those first 3 weeks. At least Angela had family nearby and could escape on the weekends. Remember the cat, Angela???

During those weeks we got to know each other and I was blessed to connect with someone who was so personable, full of life, funny and passionate for ministry and for God. We reconnected at the second 3 weeks and have stayed in contact, even though she was called to Ohio and I to Illinois. She even allowed my youth group to spend the night at her church on our way to a youth conference in North Carolina.

Angela since has gotten married, started a family, and has 3 beautiful children. She was a Youth Minister in Springfield Oh until just a few years ago, when she knew her life was needing to head in a new direction. She just did not know where yet. But they took a leap of faith.She and her husband felt strongly called about adoption and were blessed to add their third child, only a month younger than my Ben through the adoption process.

During that time, she saw many of the complications and heartbreaks that are involved in adoption. From fees, to caring for the needs of the birth family, and simplifying the process that turns off many potential adoptive families.

Rather than just complain or sit back and wait for someone else to do something about it, she stepped up to the plate, with a team of other passionate people and started an adoption non for profit out of Springfield Ohio. This non for profit is called : Choosing Hope Adoptions. .

Choosing Hope is still in its initial stages. They have all the certifications, they have an office and they have a plan and the support of the community and have just begun operations.

What makes them different from other adoption agencies: 
1. Our care for birth mothers and fathers is as important as the care of the baby.  Our ultimate goal is to see them walk in the freedom and love of Jesus.
2. Cost. Most domestic infant adoption cost a family between $22,000 - $35,000. We are working to cut these costs in half. 

This agency is beautiful to me. It is seeing a problem, a need, and working to fulfill it. Not just talk.

That is why I am choosing to ask you to help me help them.

I am running the Biggest Loser Half Marathon in Racine on behalf of Choosing Hope and one other completely different non for profit. I would love to raise $500 for them.

Please consider donating to this worthy cause.

If you cannot donate, please do one of the following:
1. pray for them and their ministry
2. forward this on to others and see if they are wiling to donate or pray. or both. :)

TO donate please go to:

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