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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On being entrusted

I have been entrusted with my family. 
With my son who looks at me with adoring eyes and ....
With my husband who needs a partner, a confidant, support and a little smile and squeeze of the hand.

I have been entrusted with friends.
I consider my sisters my closest of friends. And those other people around who can count on me for a chat, a cup of coffee, a listening ear, a word of advice, a good laugh, a long walk. Even if its been months. or years.

I have been entrusted with my clients. 
With people who have been hurt, are hurting and need a little help and direction. Whether they come by choice or not.

I have been entrusted with a dream
As fragile as dreams are, they are gifts. Something to work towards, to hope for. And to take a chance and be courageous with. I am making steps towards a heart-song that I have held close. And I am living the dream of a family.

I have been entrusted with this body.
A temple. To use it as it was intended. It is beautiful and unique and it can do amazing things, overcome injuries and hardship. It can run long distances. It held 2 heartbeats at once, it birthed a child. Like a machine it requires maintenance and care to function properly. And to last a long time. 

I have been entrusted with unique gifts and abilities.
Intellect. Music. Art. Creativity. Love for animals and compassion for others. The ability to look ahead, to see good in dark places, to see infinite possibilities. Hard Work. A goofy laugh. I find it so important to know who you are what these things are. There is a world out there that needs you. Just as you are.

I have been entrusted with finances.
Money, possessions, a home. Some things I have worked for, and some I have been extremely fortunate with. All of which I am unable to take with me when I die. Or can be gone in an instant of bad luck. So what will I do with them now. Especially when there are others who are in need. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also"

I have been entrusted with language.
The ability to speak words into the universe or into lives. What words do I choose. Kind or harsh. To instill hope or disparity. To make you laugh and smile and think or to weep. 

Each of these is a gift... a privilege.  Not a right. And can be taken away at any time. 

May I have the foresight every day to remember this. 

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