Tuesday, June 19, 2012

internet fast

Well, after another call to AT&T and some rewiring, we finally have our internet back. Finally!

Now its not to say that I've been completely internet free. I can access it through my Blackberry, through my husbands work Iphone and through one job one day a week (and even that computer is down!) But the blackberry has serious limits.

But being internet free has not been a bad thing. Actually on the contrary I think it was quite good for me and I learned a bunch of lessons for myself

1. is that I really am far too dependent on computers and the internet. Facebook, rafflecopter sweepstakes, ebay, Amazon, Swagbucks, Blogs, new articles, Words with Friends. If I counted up how many hours I had been spending online before it went down, it would be shameful. So I'm not going to attempt.-

2. And with that, there are lots of other things I can be doing with that time. Even just minutes here and there add up. Imagine a few extra minutes playing with my boy. Using that hour to read a book (and have finally started a book a friend lent me and am enjoying it thoroughly and have almost completed it. Tending to the flowers outside. (I did finally plant my impatiens along the front walkway)

3. What it also has done that is not so good is feed into my ability to avoid. No one calls anymore, but sends e-mails. Or video chat. With the internet being down, I can use that excuse, "oh, I missed that, my internet has been down".

4. it has limited my internet shopping. Not that I had a problem or addiction. But many things become very tempting to purchase when you are spending gobs of time looking at Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Babies R us, and other such sites. So no temptation, no purchase. My pocketbook thanks AT&T

Now that I say that I have learned a few things, what do I plan to do about it? I'm not entirely sure. But I do know that I plan to visit it less, although in the 24 hours I have had it back, the laptop has been with me many of those hours (not sleeping or working)

perhaps I should set a goal, or a limit to time spent on it. 2 hours? While that still sounds like a lot, its a lot less than I have been. I have other things to focus on and few excuses.

Still have to finish that pantry, get some workouts in, play with my son, talk to my husband, clean my house, tend to the yard, take pictures of my boy, plan something fun, play with my neglected kitty, paint, call a friend, the options are endless.

Now its time to get off the computer...

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