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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A mother and a _____

Recently I've been blessed to participate in a summer bible study with a group of ladies from the MOPS (mothers of pre schoolers) program I have been involved with. This was some spiritual self care I knew I needed. Most of the ladies I had never met before or only met once or twice. And they have been incredibly tolerant of my tardiness, since I come straight from seeing a client. 

We've been reading "Known and Loved: 52 devotions from Psalms" directed towards moms/parents. 

One of its foci has been around identity. How often when we become parents, sometimes that not only becomes our life, but our sole identity. While parenthood is a significant role in our lives, it is NOT all if who we are. 
We were each made with unique gifts and abilities. To be creative, in many different ways. To have multiple purposes. To love and be loved. To be complex and multi- dimensional. 

Some "assignments" from the book called for us to do a role call of what we do and who we are, as people, not just moms. Cause either way, we are valuable. 

I guess that this is my exploration of my role call. Who I identify myself to be. (In no particular order)

I am  A mother and a _____.

Fierce friend
Loyal wife
Guitar teacher
Animal lover and advocate
Child of God
Supporter if my community
Green Bay Packer fan
Running enthusiast
WW2 history buff
Perpetual learner
Believer in each persons potential
Nature lover
Down home/ from scratch cook
"Don't take crap from nobody"
Person who can laugh at themselves
Fascinated by geography
Hopeless romantic

I disallowed qualifiers, negativity or self pity. I have lots of those. But I found them unnecessary for this purpose. And perhaps we all should. Love ourselves for who we are. Not always pointing out the bad. But allowing for The good. God does. 

What/who are you?

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