Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sewing and Christmas

I decided about this time last year that I wanted a cute home made stocking for my little guy. After searching ETSY and not finding quite what I wanted, I randomly decided " I can make him a stocking". Never mind that I didn't really have a working sewing machine nor had I sewn since my 4-H years.

I first explored Hobby Lobby, and several fabric choices later, tried to figure out how to get my moms 40+ year old sewing machine to work. And after almost losing my mind and a few fingers in frustration, I begged my mother in law for help and went up for a visit.  

She helped me piece together this, my sons first stocking. 

By my birthday in March all I wanted was my own machine. And my lovely husband obliged. (Even if I had to drag him to JoAnn Fabric) 

And since I have had some fun experimenting on how to make things. Cute headbands. Stockings. Baby bibs. It's been quite the learning curve as I am not generally known for being good at following directions. I want to try a few more new things, but I think that will wait until after Christmas.

What I have learned is once I figure out how to make it. I am pretty good at experimenting and getting creative from there. The stockings I make now bear little resemblance to Bens first one. But I am more than ok with that. I like these much better now. 

I also just today stole an idea and made my first mini stocking tree ornament. 

So my new little hobby is fun. I am even making some custom orders for people , I just finished an order of 10 full sized stockings ( here are a few of them)

I have created an Etsy shop now too. For fun. But it also makes me feel a little more proactive about trying to recoup some if the costs of starting my own business ( the counseling practice, remember !!)

So. To celebrate and to selfishly self promote. I am doing a little giveaway. It's for 2 items. One full sized stocking of your choice from my Etsy store and one mini  stocking ornament. 

Just fill out the rafflecopter form below

Good luck!!

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  1. Hey Jenn, I love that you are doing a giveaway!